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Why is CBD so popular?

CBD oil has seemingly burst into the mainstream media in recent times however the benefits associated with this powerful wellness oil go back centuries ago. Thanks to this boom in new information though, we have learned so much about how CBD oil can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

The cannabinoids that we use in Epic Nutra products have been the subject of many new and exciting studies linking them to positive effects on our mental and physical health and well-being. It is thought the cannabinoids in our products directly benefit your endocannabinoid system, a vast network of receptors that cover your entire body.

At Epic Nutra we have encapsulated these powerful cannabinoids and deployed them in a range of easy to administer CBD products including delicious gummies, tinctures and soft gel CBD oil. This means you too can unlock the power of CBD now and potentially improve your health and wellbeing dramatically.

All of our products contain not detectable levels of THC so you won’t feel “high” meaning it is extremely safe and you can easily implement it into your daily routine and supplementation plan.

What can CBD oil help me with?

There is a plethora of new and emerging studies on the positive effects that CBD oil has on us, both physically and mentally.

These effects are possible because of the direct impact CBD has on our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for regulating a wide range of the bodies processes. Everything from sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction and fertility have all been found to be impacted by the bodies ECS.

This means that when you use one of our CBD products you are supporting your bodies ECS and allowing it to positively affect all the previously mentioned bodily processes. In turn potentially improving your mind and bodies overall health and wellbeing.

What is CBD and how does it work?

With the constantly updating trends of this world, new and newer methods that are aiming to help us live healthily are coming into the market. Among these methods, CBD or Cannabidiol has gained quite a popularity thanks to its obvious effects as experienced by the users. It’s common to be curious about CBD. Despite being used since ancient times in medicine, the modern market has just recently adapted itself to CBD. Let’s go through all the basics of CBD below.

Origin of CBD

Hemp or Cannabis Sativa, the plant CBD is derived from, has been around for ages. People in the old times utilized hemp for both medicinal purposes and textiles. The fiber derived from the plant itself was used for household purposes while the seeds and flowers were used to treat patients.

Now, hemp is majorly utilized for health purposes. Its extract contains over 400 compounds among which 113 are known as cannabinoids that hold quite beneficial properties for our health. CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the majority, making up about 40% of the extract itself.

The Science Behind CBD

Now, you must be wondering how CBD works inside our body to yield such amazing effects? Well, this can be a lengthy topic so we thought it best if we  summarize the entire process for your convenience!

Our body contains an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for helping to control the variations in our mood, sleep, appetite, and memory. This system contains receptors known as CB1 and CB2 that are present in our nervous system and take part in regulating our appetite, mood, coordination, pain, inflammation, and sleep.

Upon the consumption of cannabinoids such as CBD, these receptors are activated and result in much better maintenance of all the above-mentioned functions. Thus, CBD can aid in keeping our moods and basic functions balanced.

Does CBD Make You High?

No, CBD does NOT get you high.  Many people tend to confuse hemp with marijuana. Both these plants belong to the Cannabis family but they aren’t the same. You can say that hemp is a fairly sober cousin of marijuana.  Epic Nutra's CBD products are made only from Hemp Oil that contains less than 0.3% THC

Only Hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC content is legal for consumption in the US. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the ingredient in these plants that’s responsible for making a person high. Luckily, hemp contains barely any THC content and Epic Nutra's products are either Isolate or Broad spectrum which has all the THC removed.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is known to provide a lot of benefits to the ones who use it. Although not approved by FDA yet, there is evidence to show that CBD does produce a useful effect in the consumer’s body. As many things, your personal experience will vary from others and we recommend starting with a lower dose regimen for several weeks before increasing your dosage.   It can take several weeks or more of consistent usage to experience the effects of CBD. 

Wrapping up...

CBD acts as an additional helper when it comes to managing your diet, health, and metabolism. Overall, it has amazing benefits that can not only spark up your day but bring a balance to your life as well. Try it out for yourself to enrich your body with Epic Nutra's CBD products.

Does the method of taking CBD matter?

When browsing through CBD products, you must have noticed that almost every type of product has a unique way of use. You apply some directly to your body, some are taken as drops under the tongue, while others are ingested through the mouth. Every method is different and entails a varied effect on the body. Each method is specific to the type of product. Let’s get into the depth of each method and its effects on the body!

Oral Consumption

Taking CBD products by mouth is one of the most common methods. This method can be further classified in two ways. Each one of the following presents a different result:

Under the Tongue

This is one of the best methods for CBD consumption. Products such as CBD tinctures and capsules can be taken under the tongue. This method aids in quick absorption into the bloodstream and ensures that almost all of the product is used. You just have to drop a few drops of the tincture and let the drops stay there for a minute or so before swallowing them. For capsules, just keep them under the tongue until they reduce to nothing or swallow with water.

Swallowing & Chewing

Swallowing and Chewing products such as CBD Gummies and Capsules is also another way of orally consuming CBD. It is a lot easier than taking the product under the tongue. However, once the product enters your stomach, it takes a longer period of time to get metabolized and finally enter your bloodstream. This might delay the result a bit.

Topical Application

CBD creams, roll-on, massage oils, and salves can be used directly over the area of interest. This way, you can corner out the desired area and apply the product over there exactly. This method is also pretty easy, just take the product and roll or rub it over your skin. However, it might take a little while to get absorbed due to the skin barrier and may increase the required product-to-result ratio. Topicals are very popular with all ages and are small enough to take with you and apply on the go.


Each method is pretty different from the other and yields a little different result. However, this does not mean that the one is more effective than the other. Each one has its very own set of pros and cons, and in the end it all comes down to your convenience and preference regarding the products.

What is the Difference between Broad Spectrum, Full-Spectrum and CBD Isolate?

CBD infused products have become a game-changer both in the medicinal market and in our lives. You must have come across a multitude of CBD spectrum when looking for the right CBD product for yourself. Broad Spectrum, Full-spectrum and CBD Isolate are some of the most common terms used online. What does each spectrum indicate? Does each of these have a different effect on our health? Let’s go through each of these below!


Broad-spectrum hemp extract contains all of the 400+ compounds present in the hemp plant including all the cannabinoids and the terpenes with the exception of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the compound responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects and is highly regulated on a state and federal level.  Although a small amount of THC is legal in hemp derived formulas( less than .03%) we choose to offer a completely THC free Broad Spectrum formula.

You must be wondering that why would one consume all the compounds present in the hemp plant and not just CBD? Well, all the compounds tend to work together quite well upon usage. Each compound has a benefit of its own but when utilized along with the others, the effect is more powerful. This concept is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

According to the entourage effect, all the compounds in the hemp plant work best in the presence of each other. This leads to higher effectiveness and quicker results.



As mentioned above, Full-Spectrum includes all cannabinoids and the terpenes including trace amounts of THC.  Epic Nutra does not currently offer Full-Spectrum CBD products. 


CBD Isolate

CBD isolate, as the name suggests, contains CBD only. When cannabidiol is isolated from the entire hemp extract, removing all the other cannabinoids and terpenes, you get CBD isolate. It is the purest form of CBD, extracted cleanly for those wanting the benefits of CBD only.

CBD is the most widely known and studied cannabinoid and by far the most popular.  Many people prefer the odorless and tasteless formula made with CBD Isolate. 

Which one’s better for you?

We cannot downright say that one type is better than the other. It usually depends on what you’re looking for. If you require all the cannabinoids and terpenes then, by all means, go for Broad-spectrum. This can give you an efficient entourage effect. But if you only need CBD inside your body then go for CBD isolate.


Based on your requirements, it is totally up to you regarding what type of CBD to go for. Broad-spectrum is amazing for those wanting an all-rounded experience of the hemp plant. CBD isolate is a winner for those needing CBD only. All types bring something good to the table but in the end, it is your decision.



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